Initial Aid for Your Innovation


Our basic idea in HYPEREGIO – EarlyTech was to provide SMEs with the substantial support needed in the first stages of cross-border technology and knowledge transfer. Our technology transfer activities were targeted to 1:1-matchings and a lower Technology Readiness Level (TRL 1-3). SMEs were invited to

  • Take part in technology- or branch-specific Business-to-Science (B2S) oriented euregional events
  • Participate in dedicated cross-border human resources (HR) events or programmes
  • Get acquainted with our technology transfer (TT) managers connecting you with suitable cross-border knowledge institutions
  • Grasp a B2S voucher (€ 6,000 grant) for free to explore an initial cooperation with a knowledge institute to address your specific technology objectives


Our technology transfer (TT) managers arranged appropriate contacts and support in building efficient cooperation with knowledge and research institutions.


As an entrepreneur you have to deal with questions of the future and key enabling technologies which could be important for your business. You need to exchange trends and use chances of cooperation with knowledge and research institutions. So why not use the immense potential right across the borders in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine?

With our EarlyTech events you had the opportunity to get in contact with scientists – goal-driven, need-based, on a personal level – as problem solvers: Early in the morning at our “EarlyBirds Technology Breakfast”, or in the late afternoon at research institutions and interesting locations at our “Business meets Science” events. They opened their doors for you, so you could get a close and exclusive look inside!

Watch our short video of an “EarlyBirds Technology Breakfast” event (YouTube channel) >>

In the early morning during our “EarlyBirds Technology Breakfast” you could get a look inside an innovative company where we discussed future topics with scientists and other entrepreneurs. After a presentation of the entrepreneur and a lecture by a professor participants were invited to have a breakfast refreshment with a guided tour and networking possibilities afterwards.

You could use the opportunity to get a close look inside an R&D institution and get into direct contact with scientists who could support innovations. At our “Business meets Science” events participants visited a research institute or interesting location to meet professors and scientists and learn more about the state-of-the-art research.


The acquisition and bonding of junior staff, professionals and executives is a particular challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, it is essential to sustain the innovative potential and competitiveness of enterprises.

Get an impression of a HYPERslam and watch our short video (YouTube channel) >>

We supported SMEs with a variety of cross-border human resources (HR) events.

Participants were able to take the chance to get professional knowledge of cross-border recruiting and security of skilled employees with the event series “Lights on: Human Resources“ – the format for human resources management in an international and euregional context.

As part of a job expedition companies could present themselves as an attractive employer in the cross-border region.

Our “HYPERslam – Discover Euregional Employers” mainly took place at job fairs. Companies were presented in an entertaining way by a poetry slammer.

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