The common goal of HYPEREGIO was to inform and to bring together people from across borders: Different stages in the value chain, a broad variety of knowledge and complementary experiences.

Therefore we created different event formats:


Two main event formats as a platform for cooperation have been developed: “EarlyBirds Technology Breakfast” and “Business meets Science”.

Get a look of our EarlyTech – Technology Transfer events here (video on YouTube) >>

EarlyBirds Technology Breakfast

The ingredients for this “successful recipe” are impressively simple and effective: Early in the morning innovative companies open their doors to interested companies and institutions. A selected knowledge institute from the other side of the border presents its expertise. During an informal breakfast the participants make new contacts and discover possibilities for cooperation. Short and situated at the edge of the day, the participants start back inspired to their actual day-to-day business!

In total 17 events with 614 participants were organised all over the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Business meets Science

This event format has been especially developed by the practice-oriented universities of applied sciences in the EMR region. The focus is on a special field of technology and / or application that is particularly topical and challenging for regional companies, in particular SMEs, across borders: several cross-border contributions from different disciplines of application-oriented research bring together actors from different regions and shed light on the special topic in a more in-depth form.

In total 17 events with 1.184 participants were organised within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.


To support innovative enterprises in employment and long-term engagement of skilled professionals, five event formats have been developed: “HYPERslam – Discover Euregional Employers”, “Euregional Summer School”, “Lights on: Human Resources”, “Job expedition” and “HR Roadshow”.

HYPERslam – Discover Euregional Employers

This format offers companies the opportunity to present themselves and their career opportunities to students and potential employees from the border region in a different, innovative way. The companies are presented by professional poetry slammers with short and entertaining slam-contributions that describe the company as an employer.

In total six events with 532 participants were organised within Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Get a look of our HYPERslam event (Video on YouTube) >>

Euregional Summer School

A joint five-days learning and exchange programme of the seven leading universities in the EMR pursues an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach with visits to research facilities in various cities of the EMR. The programme lasted one week each.

In total two events with 110 participants were organised within Euregio Meuse-Rhine, both in Hasselt (B).

Get a look of our Euregional Summer School 2019 here (Video on YouTube) >>

Lights on: Human Resources

This event format wants to inform HR-managers of Euregional SMEs about cross-border / euregional potentials and service opportunities, aiming to build-up a large network of eure-gional HR-managers.

In total seven events with 232 participants were organised within Euregio Meuse-Rhine.


To bring students of universities and companies of EMR together is the goal of this format. Partners shuttle small groups of around 20 students to the companies, where they have thematic discussions and get to know the companies work in detail.

In total 12 events with 268 participants were organised in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

HR Roadshow

By visiting companies in the EMR the project partners wanted to find out more about the requirements and challenges regarding the search for talented employees in an Euregional context. In total two events were organised.

Innovation2Market – B2B EVENTS

As interdisciplinary application- and B2B-oriented euregional events two event formats were created for I2M EMR+:  B2B Matchmakings and B2B Brokerage Workshops.

Get a look of the I2M events here (YouTube) >>

B2B Matchmaking

This thematically focused event format  aims to create a first cross-border match between businesses (esp. SME’s). Starting with two keynotes on special topics as a “warm-up”, up to 10 companies have the opportunity to present themselves and their development needs or cooperation wishes in short pitches (7 minutes). Then the participants have the opportunity to engage in intensive, bilateral discus-sions (15 minutes each) with interesting pre-selected companies as part of the 1:1 match-making.

In total eleven events with 493 participants were organised all over the Greater EMR area.

B2B Brokerage Workshop

For these workshops, small, intimate rounds of “hand-picked” entrepreneurs were formed, who are looking for concrete R&D partners. In order to facilitate a real, intensive exchange of interests and opportunities for cooperation, the groups usually do not comprise more than 10 – 15 persons. Brokerage workshops aim at the formation or completion of consortia for cross-border R&D projects or cooperations.

As a “second-step-format” in total five events with 155 participants were carried-out.


In total 10 events were organised until the end of November 2019 with more than 500 participants. Further events will be offered during 2020.


You can find the summaries of the results in the projects here >>


Get some impressions of our HYPEREGIO events: