Digital Innovation Platform (DIP)

Within the HYPEREGIO partnership an additional new step for cross-border integration and cooperation was taken: Overarching objective of the “Digital Innovation Platform (DIP)” is to gradually break down the existing information deficits within the Greater EMR area between all participating actors and offer members the possibility of exchanging views on potential cooperation projects, in order to thus sustainably strengthen economic development, innovative capacity and more broadly collaboration across borders in the entire EMR. The DIP-portal includes two main elements:

Innovation data base: It will allow mainly companies and research institutions, who are interested in regional and cross-border partnering and cooperation initiatives to provide profiles of themselves on the DIP, sketching their specific knowledge and expertise in terms of products, processes and / or services. There are two types of company / research institution profiles: a basic profile, collected and updated by an innovative web-crawler technology, and an advanced profile which can be added with further information by the company / institution.

Cross-border market place: Based on these „advanced innovation profiles“, interested parties on the DIP will have the opportunity to post their specific technology challenges, new ideas or cooperation requests to the whole cross-border community. By doing so challenges and needs meet solutions and offers, so that a cross-border collaboration market is established!

The Locator+

The cross-border location information system „The Locator+“ is an extension and further elaboration of the first cross-border, web- and geo-data-based information portal on regional level in Europe! This four-language-based portal provides relevant location information for businesses and was set-up within the EMR INTERREG IVA-project 2010-2014. Its project partners signed already in May 2019 a second prolongation to carry-on the new version (at least until mid-2024)!

Business information: The already existing category “Companies” was supplemented by an additional filter option according to lead markets. The allocation of the companies to the lead markets is based on the deposited NACE codes. Moreover, it is possible to filter all companies registered on the DIP via an interface to the DIP.

Universities & Research: A new information category „Universities & Re-search“ was implement on “The-Locator”. On the landing page you get an overview of the universities and research institutions located in the EMR (Metalevel). At institute level, the profiles and the allocation to the lead markets of the institutes are integrated on “The Locator+” via an interface (API) to the DIP (as with companies).


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