Our “HYPEREGIO Project Showroom” with more than 100 participants from business, science and business development in the monastery Heidberg in Eupen on December 3rd received a great response and a lot of positive feedback!

The results of more than 3.5 years of cooperation between around 30 partners in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands were impressive:

In the EarlyTech and I2M projects, which will end on 31 December, more than 80 events were organised with almost 4,500 participants.

18 vouchers were presented to 25 SMEs and 11 knowledge institutions with a total amount of 129,000 euros!

The BuSyBee project will be continued in the future!


See the graphic recording of our event:

click here to see the complete drawing (pdf)

Three Options one GOAL…

HYPEREGIO fosters its potential as a cross-border technology hot spot to  exploit its forces in technology and knowledge transfer between science and business as well as to stimulate more B2B-collaboration across borders!

Comprehensive objective of HYPEREGIO was to realise, in particular for SMEs, a cross-bor-der value chain for innovation and economy in the Greater EMR area. This value chain should be achieved through a close coordination and cooperation between the three pro-jects “E¬arly¬Tech”, “BuSyBee” and “Innovation2Market+”.

You can find the summaries of the results in the projects here (pdfs):

• HYPEREGIO – Innovation Hub Euregio Meuse-Rhine >>

• EarlyTech – Initial Aid For Your Innovation >>

• Innovation2Market (I2M) – Best Company for Good Markets >>

• BuSyBee – The Science Boost for Your Ideas >>


Further information (pdfs):

• EMR2030 Strategy >>

• Interreg 2021-2027 – Working together across borders >>


Get some impressions of our HYPEREGIO Project Showroom (Photos: G. Mahr-Urfels – AGIT mbH):