Aachen / Genk. Last week, the regional business development agency AGIT again presented a HYPEREGIO voucher amounting to 6,000 euros: This time the company 3win Maschinenbau GmbH from Aachen was delighted. Together with the knowledge provider Tenco DDM from Genk, Belgium, 3win uses the voucher to develop 3D printing applications in the field of orthopaedics. The so-called “B2S Voucher” is awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for cooperation with knowledge providers from beyond the borders to Belgium and the Netherlands.

“Through the mediation of the HYPEREGIO partners LIOF and AGIT, we have found a proven expert in the field of 3D printing technology in Tenco. With Tenco we will be able to work together in an uncomplicated, focused and efficient way,” says Dagmar Wirtz, 3win Managing Director.

Tom Castermann, Managing Director of Tenco DDM, explains: “It’s worth taking a look across the border when looking for partners. The quality of our work is better appreciated on the German side than on the Belgian side”.

With the support of the voucher, 3win and Tenco lay the foundation for cross-border cooperation. “Already now we are considering how we can intensify the cooperation beyond the voucher activities and how we can interpret it in the long term,” Dagmar Wirtz and Tom Castermans look to the future.

Photo (AGIT/3win) – from left to right: Ralf P. Meyer (AGIT), Dagmar Wirtz (3win Maschinenbau GmbH), Tom Castermans (Tenco DDM, B), Peter Gier (AGIT), Rob Bimmel (LIOF, NL) and Georg Buß (3win Maschinenbau GmbH)

– AGIT press release, 23.9.2019 –