EarlyTech Initial Aid
for Your Innovation

Your Key
to Advanced
and HR

The basic idea of HYPEREGIO - EarlyTech is to provide SMEs with the substancial support needed in the first stages of cross-border technology and knowledge transfer. Our technology transfer activities are targeted to 1:1-matchings and a lower Technology Readiness Level (TRL 1-3). SMEs are invited to

  • Take part in technology- or branch-specific Business-to-Science (B2S) oriented euregional events
  • Participate in dedicated cross-border human ressources (HR) events or programs
  • Get acquainted with our technology transfer (TT)-managers connecting you with suitable cross-border knowledge institutions
  • Grasp your B2S-mini voucher: Get a € 3,000 grant for free to explore an initial cooperation with a knowledge institute to address your specific technology objectives

BuSyBee The Science Boost for Your Ideas

and R&D

Often SMEs need a wide-range, more profound support in innovation and technology transfer or cooperation. Are you looking for large-scale knowledge expertise (universities, R&D-institutes) and a methodized and detailed research?

HYPEREGIO - BuSyBee could be the right solution for you! The cooperating universities are able to initiate (or involve you in) a suitable S2B-partnership taking your development to an increased TRL (2-5), leading e.g. to laboratory prototypes (proof of concept)

  • Join our Science-to-Business- (S2B) and technology-oriented cross-border events
  • Contact our research-related managers, helping you in establishing a multilateral cross-border R&D-consortium
  • Advance the technical progress of your research results or prototype by means of dedicated European S2B-funding sources

I2M Best Company
for Good Markets

for You

Do you have a particular “close-to-the-market“ innovation and are you looking for complementary cross-border business partners to realize marketable solutions?

HYPEREGIO - Innovation2Market supports you in boosting your mature innovation (TRL 5-8), which is still in a pre-competetive stage!

  • Join our interdisciplinary application- and B2B-oriented euregional events and matchmakings
  • Benefit from the support of our BDS-managers, connecting you to other SMEs and – if needed – major enterprises or knowledge institutions
  • Receive your B2B-innovation voucher: Each starting cross-border SME-based R&D consortium is supported by a free € 6,000 grant to develop its innovation
  • And benefit from our assistance in finding suitable European and regional fundings to realize your joint innovation project